(OEP) builds and strengthens mutually beneficial relationships between Pitt and industry, government, and economic-development organizations. will help you to connect your organization to resources on campus. Contact us at oep@c-a-o.com久本草在线中文字幕,2019最新中文字幕在线观看,2019中文字字幕在线不卡 or 412-383-4295 for assistance with any of the following topics:

Technology Licensing

Pitt is committed to building strong industry partnerships, promoting an entrepreneurial culture, and contributing to regional development. Learn about opportunities facilitated by Pitt’s Innovation Institute.


久本草在线中文字幕,2019最新中文字幕在线观看,2019中文字字幕在线不卡Corporations: Pitt’s will work with you to develop targeted philanthropic strategies that are mutually beneficial to your organization and the University.

Foundations: In addition to educating students, Pitt serves the community through a myriad of externally funded programs—from law clinics that provide free legal services to low-income individuals to math and science outreach programs that encourage underserved students to pursue higher education in those areas.


Pitt will help your organization to from among the University’s bright, talented, and diverse students and graduates.

Sponsored Research

Pitt’s (OTM), with support from the (OED), provides a portal through which industry, entrepreneurs, investors, and economic development organizations can access Pitt innovators, their research, and the innovations that emerge from their work.

久本草在线中文字幕,2019最新中文字幕在线观看,2019中文字字幕在线不卡OTM and OED work hard to foster —long-lasting partnerships in sponsored research, new innovation development, technology licensing, and the formation of new start-up companies around Pitt innovations.

Clinical Research

久本草在线中文字幕,2019最新中文字幕在线观看,2019中文字字幕在线不卡The University’s promotes clinical research at Pitt and its affiliated institutions by providing research-related resources for volunteers, sponsors, investigators and research staff.

Executive and Continuing Education

Learn the latest business practices, trends, and theories as taught by world-renowned faculty and industry expert in the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business’s .

The supports the continuing professional development of physicians and other health care providers.

Collaborative Use of Labs/Equipment

久本草在线中文字幕,2019最新中文字幕在线观看,2019中文字字幕在线不卡Pitt houses a wide range of laboratory facilities, equipment, and expertise, some of which is to those outside the University community. To help foster and facilitate collaboration between the University and industry, the University has compiled a searchable database of such facilities and equipment.